About Us

PT. Pratama Widya is a private limited company established in 1981 initially providing services in geotechnical surveys and consulting works serving both Private and Government Sectors in Indonesia. In early 1990, the company has grown to provide conctruction services specializing in geotechnical engineering. Our construction works ranges from deep foundation (boredpile, piling, injection pile), retaining wall (soldier pile, sheet pile secant pile, diaphragm wall), grouting and soil improvement (jet grouting, deep mixing, soil cement), slope reinforcement (soil nailing, ground anchor, rock bolt), dewatering, and other ground engineering works. In 2013 the survey and consulting division has been formed into our group company PT. Pratama Widya Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering Services. Together we are the leader in Indonesia to provide one stop service of geotechnical and ground engineering works, from survey, design until construction.

With over thirty five years of experiences, we has been proven capable of completing both small and large scale projects, both onshore and offshore works, overcoming the ever increasing problematic and sophisticated challenges. To strengthen our flexibility and capabilities in offshore works, in 2014 we have formed our group company PT. Mitra Perkasa Bahari providing us offshore support services from vessels (barges, tug boats), navigation until licenses.

Vision and Mission

To be the nation leader in one stop service of foundation and ground engineering works and to provide a positive and rewarding environment to our valuable employees and shareholders.